martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

'A picture is worth a thousand words'

The photographs on our site: constitute natural spectacles of geographic and atmospheric realities which, in spite of the fact that they are an integral part of our daily life, we rarely acknowledge that they do, indeed, exist; and, worst of all, we seldom  contemplate and indulge ourselves with the wonders of Creation.  The site contains sections like Transparencies, Post Cards, Animated Photographs, Photographic Sequences, featuring the sky, the Andean mountains, specially the Pichincha volcano at Quito, Ecuador.

We  specially recomend the brand new section : The Splendor of Nature: , amazing and beautiful macro photography of raw nature like : 'Tears from Heaven',  Frozen tears, Leaves of Grass, Roses, Mist etc.
The author is a career Ambassador of the Ecuadorian Foreign Service (r) and an amateur photographer that during the past few years,  has accumulated an extensive selection of amazing photographs most of which are in our site and in two published books: Quito's Sky and Quito's Sky II.